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i've caught him looking at me a few tmes, but he looks away, he didnt look nervous one time though...

on our field trip we went to a field(it was more like a hill) and we playedd "team building" games, like frisbee and flag football, he was playing volleyball, (dont ask) so i went over and decided to play too. we played for a while, then the ball started rolling down the hill i started going for it and he yelled "i got it!!!" so i ran faster and we fought for the ball, he got it after my sad attempt, and we were waking up the hill out of breath and he says "it probably helps that i pla soccer' i said "maybe a little" and we started playing wth everyone again

in math a friendd of mine pissed me off, so i was walking away i probably looked pretty angry too, because when i passed him he said "hey, dont you walk away from me missy" and he ran ahead and started taking lead out of my pencil, i ran up to him and stole it back before he got any out

today in math i went in the hallway to do work i missed when i was absent yesterday, when i came ack in he waved at me when i walked by his desk

i've been told by one of his friends that he likes me, but im not sure if the friend was joking or not, because he said it in gym, and i kinda shrugged it off because i had never thought about it, i started paying more attention and t does seem like he likes me, but then about a week ago the same guy told me that another guy wanted to ahve sex with me... i didnt take that very lightly, and walked away...

do you think he likes me???
8.10.08 23:26

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